Lead Flashing Repair Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Introduction: Lead flashing is critical in safeguarding commercial buildings against water infiltration and potential structural damage. Over time, weather exposure and other factors can cause lead flashing to deteriorate, compromising its ability to provide effective protection. In this blog post, presented by PER Roofing Godmanchester, we’ll discuss information flashing repair solutions tailored to the unique needs of commercial buildings, ensuring their long-term durability and structural integrity.

1. Professional Assessment

The first step in addressing lead flashing issues in commercial buildings is to seek a professional assessment. Roofing experts can thoroughly inspect your flashing system to identify the extent of damage and recommend the most appropriate repair solutions. Their expertise ensures that no underlying issues are overlooked.

2. Sealant and Patching

Sealant and patching materials can provide effective solutions for minor cracks or gaps in the lead flashing. Roofing professionals use specialised sealants designed for lead flashing to create a watertight barrier. High-quality patches are applied over damaged areas, reinforcing the flashing and preventing further water infiltration.

3. Lead Welding

Lead welding is a precise and durable repair method suitable for commercial buildings. Roofing professionals use specialised equipment to heat and fuse lead sheets, creating a seamless and watertight repair. Lead welding is ideal for areas where the flashing has split or separated.

4. Reinforcement Strips

Reinforcement strips made of lead or other durable materials can be applied over existing flashing to enhance its strength and resistance to damage. These strips are particularly useful in areas prone to high winds or extreme weather conditions.

5. Replacement

In cases where the lead flashing has deteriorated significantly or repair is no longer viable, replacement may be necessary. Roofing professionals will carefully remove the damaged flashing and install new lead flashing precisely to ensure proper sealing and protection.

6. Regular Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is crucial in extending the life of lead flashing in commercial buildings. Roofing professionals can implement a maintenance schedule that includes routine inspections and repairs, helping to identify and address issues before they become extensive and costly.

7. Emergency Repairs

In severe weather damage or sudden flashing failure, roofing contractors provide emergency repair services to minimise further water infiltration and protect your commercial property from additional damage.

Conclusion: Properly maintained lead flashing protects commercial buildings from water damage and preserves their structural integrity. When faced with lead flashing issues in a commercial setting, consulting with roofing professionals like PER Roofing Godmanchester is essential. Their expertise and tailored approach to repairs and maintenance ensure that your commercial building remains protected for years. Please don’t overlook the importance of timely and effective lead flashing repairs; they are an investment in your commercial property’s long-term health and resilience.

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